Heidi Childs

Daughter, Sister, Friend

Heidi had a nickname, “Smiley.” From the time she was born until the day she was killed, people would comment about Heidi’s beautiful smile.

Heidi grew up in Bedford County, Virginia and was one of eight children. She had many interests, as she loved academics, sports, outdoor activities, friends, family and most of all her relationship with the Lord. She loved to learn and was home-schooled throughout her school years, but began taking college classes during 10th grade. She ran cross country, played basketball for her church team, and loved camping, skiing, and hiking with her friends. She enjoyed going on mission trips and sharing her faith with her youth group through praise and worship. She played the guitar and sang, but preferred to be in the background. At Virginia Tech, Heidi was pursuing a degree in Bio-Chemistry, as she had a passion for the medical field. During the summer of 2009, she was able to shadow a doctor during a surgical procedure. This solidified her desire to change her major to pre-med. After giving this much thought, she had plans to speak to her advisor at Virginia Tech to make this change but never got the chance as her beautiful life of 18 years was so tragically cut short on the night of August 26, 2009.

Heidi had met David through their church youth group. They treasured their time getting to know each other and spending time together, but they did not officially date until college. They grew to have a great respect for each other, which further guided their love and devotion. Everyone considered them to be inseparable.

“As for us, Heidi’s family, this incident will forever be a huge void and scar in our lives.  We were devastated to lose our precious daughter, sister, aunt, niece, and granddaughter. We will never see her get married and have a family. We will never see her fulfill her dreams in the medical field. She has missed the births of 5 more nieces and nephews. She has missed her siblings’ graduations from high school and college. Our family has missed having her as a part of all of these special events. We will always have a missing seat at the table during holidays and so much more. We also have to live with the fact that the person/s responsible for these murders has not been brought to justice and continue to live day to day in freedom, which puts others at risk.”             – Don and Laura Childs

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