David Metzler

Son, Brother, Friend

David was Keith and Susan’s only son. He and his three sisters grew up in Campbell County, Virginia, and his was a life filled with varied interests and hobbies. David enjoyed playing golf, watching football, and playing guitar. In high school, he took a shop class where he learned to enjoy woodworking and was something he had hoped to pursue more. One of his proudest achievements was building a beautiful gun cabinet. He was a hard worker no matter the jobs, which included working at a local golf course, at a friend’s plumbing business, and even working alongside Heidi at a local ice cream shop. 

David was very good-natured and generally a “home body.” He was very family-oriented, even as a teen and young man at the age of 19.  He was honoring and respectful as a son. He loved, admired, and respected his dad and desired his dad’s company in many shared interests, especially deer hunting, learning from his dad in every area of life.  He was tender, loving, attentive, and protective toward his mom. He had a passion for upholding God’s ways and a desire to help lead fellow Virginia Tech students in Bible study and in a growing love for Jesus Christ. In his second year at Virginia Tech, he was studying Industrial Systems Engineering.

“Our lives have been forever changed since the loss of David. We have lost many experiences and dreams as a result of losing our son and his girlfriend, Heidi. The depth of our pain and sorrow is great and difficult to explain to someone who has not experienced that loss. We see the pain in each other’s eyes and we hurt not only for ourselves, but for our girls who have lost their brother; for our other family members who lost a grandson, a cousin, a nephew; and we hurt for David’s friends who lost a close friend. It is not something we would wish upon anyone. The Lord is our comfort, our hope, our sustaining grace.  We have the assurance that David and Heidi are present with Jesus for all eternity, and that is a tremendous comfort to our hearts, which gives us peace.”         – Keith and Susan Metzler

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