We Need Your Help

On August 26, 2009 two innocent lives were taken, and countless more changed forever.
We are seeking your help for any information that can help bring the killer to justice.

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Heidi Childs

David Metzler

It was shortly after 8p.m. that Wednesday evening when 19-year-old David and 18-year-old Heidi arrived in the Caldwell Fields parking lot in David’s navy blue 1992 Toyota Camry.


The sun had just set and it was a typical warm August evening in the mountains of Montgomery County.


David had been to Caldwell Fields once before for a men’s Christian Retreat, and wanted Heidi to see for herself the beauty and tranquil setting that site of the Jefferson National Forest had to offer.


David had brought his guitar to play for them by the fire.


They weren’t even planning on staying out that late.


They never made it out of the car, before they were brutally attacked.


Heidi and David’s bodies were discovered early the next morning, August 27th, by a man walking his dogs at Caldwell Fields.


Two incredible young lives stolen…and countless other lives tragically impacted forever.


Help these families heal. Help us find those responsible.

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